Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story

Manage your very own restaurant!


  • Bright, cutesy graphics
  • Lots of items available to customize your restuarant
  • Community and social features


  • Very slow moving


If you've ever dreamed of becoming the next Gordon Ramsey then give Restaurant Story a try.

The free game challenges you to build up your own restaurant business from just a small kitchen. In Restaurant Story you need to take charge of cooking and serving food, keeping customers happy and customizing your restaurant with new furniture and equipment.

Restaurant Story works in much the same way as its sister apps, City Story and Farm Story, in that you need to earn money and experience points in order to level up and improve your business. As with the other 'Story' apps, you can purchase game money using real money. Money and XP points can be exchanged for new equipment, recipes, or to speed up cooking times.

On the subject of cooking times in Restaurant Story, these can be incredibly slow, taking up to a day in some cases. This makes this a game that requires lots of patience, unless you're prepared to pay money to speed things up.

While you are waiting for stuff to cook and for the cash to come rolling in, you can visit other Restaurant Story players' businesses, send messages and post on your wall. There's a large community of users, and this section can help ease some of the tedium.

If you have the time, patience, and money to invest in it, Restaurant Story can be a rewarding strategy game.

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Restaurant Story


Restaurant Story

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